The 350hp 0-6-0 Diesel Shunters

The Class D3/5 was an 08 with diferent power unit. The base model is a Bachmann unpainted early 08. Apart from the paint job, the loco has had an interior plus driver added. A loksound v3.5 supplies the power with sound from South West Digital

08333 'Liverpool Street Pilot' built and Painted by Graham Varley. An MMP kit fitted with ESU V4 chip.

Tops Class 11 12106. Darlington built LMS design for The Eastern and North Eastern regions. Stratford had an allocation of 13 of these loco's (from which the BR class 08 was derived). Fitted 1833 motor with flywheel, esu v4 chip 4700uf cap with sound from Wickness