Express Power

B.R. Standard Britannia Pacific 70006 Robert Burns

A djh kit powered by RG7 motor Esu loksound v4. Sound by Olivia's Trains

Britannia Pacific 70011 Hotspur

A DJH Commision with ESU chip and sound from Digitrains

Britannia Pacific 70037 Hereward The Wake

70037 pre 1957 as photographed at Liverpool Street. Still has original Smoke deflector handrails and red backed nampelates. Also evident extended front lamp irons. Fitted with Zimo decoder and suethe smoke unit. Sound from Coastal DCC

A4 60014 Silver Link the first of the Class. A LH Loveless model depicting the loco between January 1952 when it emerged from the paintshops in BR lined Green until it entered Doncaster in June 1953 where as part of a general exam the long Guard Irons were removed. I have fitted a Suethe smoke unit ESU V4 with sound from Howes of Oxford. Several small little extras and weathering added.

A3 60059 Tracery A fixer up from ebay, partially rebuilt and painted. I originally fitted a Zimo decoder but this was removed as not fit for purpose, an ESU v4 with sound from Coastal DCC fitted in its place. This decoder handled the twin smoke units far more efficiently.