0 Gauge BR Eastern Region


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Tel 01638 601621

I will (subject to other commitments) attend shows at short notice.

Layout Size 7.5ft x 2ft

(The footprint below is the absolute minimum and a little more to the rear of the layout is always appreciated)

Layout Footprint 10' 6" along the front and rear x 8' width

Viewing Height 3' 4"

Operators 2/3

Tables I supply my own stock tables giving a 10' 6" x 2' 6" run behind the layout

Barriers Yes please if available

Power Requirements 1 x 13 amp socket (1200 W)

Expenses Fuel

Insurance value 30,000 to 70,000 (We do self insure the loco's through Magnet Insurance. Double insuring is pointless) Some 40 to 80 loco's can accompany the layout according to your choice of scenario. We will require the layout, controllers and insurance excess to be insured, about 2000.00

Programme Notes
In 2010 two 31A, Cambridge, MRC club members, requiring somewhere to run their '0' gauge stock, purchased the original layout with a view to rejuvenate and extend it to suit. This done produced: - Hobbs Warren, a haven for rabbits, depicts the lines (roads) along side a locomotive shed.

The layout is can be run covering various options as maybe required by an exhibition manager wanting to balance exhibits.

Firstly it can be run as Steam or Diesel or a mixture of both. Diesel classes up to class 55 are available
Other options are as follows:
1. Tanks for the memory...over 30 tank engines of the classes seen on ex GER metals
2. Ex GER steam locos from the Y4 to B12.
3. Some of above but with LNER classes included ie B1 B2 B17 K1 K3 L1 and BR standards such as the Britannias
4. More of a GN flavour with J50 tanks and classes A1 A2 A3 A4 plus some of the above
5. Midland influence the shed has been transfered to the midland region and many ex Midland/LMS classes plus standard designs will be rostered classes 8P to 1F
6. Heavy Frieght. Frieght loco's only J19,20,01,04,S1,Q1, Southern Q1, 8F, G2a, 7F,4F, BR 9F WD 2-8-0 etc
A sprinkling of diesel classes in 3 4 and 5

The Layouts depicts a working steam shed for steam locos becoming a stabling point for loco's and departmental stock when diesels are in use. The layout is Digital Command Controlled (DCC). All locomotives are sound fitted, some have smoke units and other functions installed. Please feel free to ask questions. The operators do not bite!!

The layout depicts the lines along side a running shed somewhere in East Anglia. The setting is anytime between Nationalisation and Sectorisation(1948 to around 1985). This means effectively we run from Steam to Blue diesels. Before the purists throw their hands up in horror, steam loco's do not operate along side blue diesels. For more information visit www.hobbs-warren.co.uk

In 1923 the Great Eastern Railway ceased to exist becoming part of the London North Eastern Railway. The area remained a distinct part of that group and remained so through nationalisation to the end of steam. Steam traction ceased on the old GER in 1962, some of the last to go were ex GER locomotives designed and built in the 1800's. A few of their diesel replacements only outlived them by 6 to 8 years. On Hobbs Warren today, in their British Railways livery, are ex GER locomotives from the diminutive Y6 tram loco to the handsome B12 Express loco. For more information visit www.hobbs-warren.co.uk

Hobbs Warren depicts part of a loco shed situated in the 'Holden triangle' which is part of the Old Great Eastern Railway and bounded by Stratford (30A) Cambridge (31A) and Norwich (32A) locomotive sheds. The Locomotives used on the layout are all of types used in this area during 1948-62. The layout is Digital Command Controlled (DCC). All the locomotives are sound fitted, some have smoke units and other functions installed. Please feel free to ask questions, the operator only bite when hungry. For more information visit www.hobbs-warren.co.uk

Tanks For the memory Most are aware of the glamorous express steam locomotives of the past. They were however only a small part of the railway as much of the motive power was actually tank engines. These engines covered duties such as named express trains down to yard shunting. On Hobbs Warren today at least 24 different classes of tank engines that worked the old Great Eastern metals

Hobbs Warren an Eastern Region shed has been transfered to the control of the Midland Region and houses a number of ex Miland and LMS classes plus some of the early diesels and standard locomotives. An occasional Eastern Region interloper may appear.

Most of Britains railways were originally built for frieght traffic. On Hobbs Warren today a selection of heavy frieght engines that appeared in East Anglia

Exhibition Managers Please Note:

We are sorry but:-

There must be wheeled access to the hall and

under no circumstances will the layout and stock be carried up/down stairs. Single person/Wheelchair lifts are not adequate.


We carry enough stock to enable us to abandon any loco that is not performing adequately, have a back up ECos controller and the layout is split into 7 separate sections. The intention is to be able to maintain running even if a problem does occur. We are great believers in 'if you have an umbrella it does not rain'.

The layout appeared in Hornby Magazine issue 51 of September 2011

Foot print plan

Track Plan (not to scale)

Behind the Scenes