0 Gauge BR Eastern Region GE Section


Terry Cooke..............E mail Terry @13-fifty.com

Tel 01638 610522

I will (subject to other commitments) attend shows at short notice.

Layout Size 8' x 2ft

Layout Footprint 8' along the front x 7' " in width to include stock table
(7' is the absolute minimum and a little more is always appreciated)

Viewing Height... 3' 4"

Operators... 2/3

Tables... A stock table is required

Barriers... Yes please if available

Power Requirements... 1 x 13 amp socket (1200 W)

Expenses... Van + Fuel

Insurance value ... I self insure rolling stock through Magnet insurance so double insuring would be pointless. Public idemnity is not covered. I would like the layout, controllers and insurance excess to be covered, about 2000.00

Programme Notes

A small and cramped service facility in the heart of London's dockland in the mid fifties to May 1970 when the P.L.A. ceased rail traffic in the Royal Docks. The steam shed and its service facilities have been demolished and a more modern structure provided. A sub shed of 30A Stratford it allows refuelling and minor repairs to be carried out on the diesel shunters that operated in the numerous yards and transfer sidings that abounded in that area. The only surviving building from the steam era is now situated outside the railway boundary and it has been sold or rented to other organisations.

The operating system is DCC