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J17 on club layout

Built from a DMR kit fitted with esu v4 chip. Sound by Olivias trains.

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The J17 was primarily a freight engine. A few had vacuum train brakes fitted to work on the M&GN and the LT&SR. 65579 was built from a DMR kit, is fitted with a cannon motor and multistage gearbox. Esu 3.5 chip with sound from Digitrains

64664 was built from an ACE kit, the tender being from SM models. The tender supplied with the kit was for a water pickup tender which although outwardly looks the same had a different coal space. This can be seen in Photo three. Some of the 19's were later fitted with the tender supplied but had the water pickup removed. Power is supplied by an ESU V4 with sound from Digitrains via 28mm speaker in the boiler. Smoke from Suethe. The prototype was built in September 1918 and was withdrawn in working order at the end of GER section steam September 1962. The weather board on the tender was a later fitment being removed from another member of the class.

64698 The penultimate loco to be rebuilt with a round top boiler. The loco had altered cab footsteps to enable it to work on the Southern electrified system. For some reason unknown the front frame handrail was removed but the staunchions remained in place. The model has these features plus a couple of trophies from visits to the south in the form of two southern lamps. The loco is from one of Jims Kits with 1833 motor and 40 : 1 gearing. Sound is provided on an ESU v4 running a base reflex and 28mm speaker. A Suethe 99 smoke unit is fitted.