J Class 0-6-0 tender locos

J39 64782 One of the Westinghouse brake loco's based on Stratford, fitted with 3,500 gallon group standard tender. Constructed from a Connoissuer kit, Mashima 1833 motor 40:1 gearing, Seuthe smoke unit, loksound decoder,sound by Digitrains

Class J6 64272 with a unequally spaced tender axles. Fitted Mashima 1833 esu v4 sound decoder with sound from Digitrains. Loco is weathered as toward the end of service. Rust is appearing due to periods of inactivity. Electrification flashes have been added to loco and tender.

Class J11 64405 a Lincoln based loco not exactly spotless fitted with Mashima 18.33 with 40.1 gears, esu v4 decoder with sound from digtrains plus a Suethe smoke unit