Ex WD 0-6-0 J94

This loco was purchased for me at an Exhibition by my late wife. It was an un-decorated austerity loco. I have added a hopper bunker, extra handrails, foot steps etc to represent a BR loco. Quite a bit of work was required to square up the chassis to ensure smooth running. Loco chip ESU Loksound V4. Sound from Digitrains. A WD version was maintained at 31A for working the military cemetary sidings.

Ex LNER C12 4-4-2T

The Saffron Walden Branch was worked by Class G5 tanks with an unique air operated push/pull set.When the set was withdrawn and replaced by a standard vacuum operated set, Class C12 67360 and a sister engine were shedded at 31A Cambridge to work it. They themselves were replaced by push/pull fitted class N7's. 67360 did not go far just to the end of the line at Kings Lynn. The model is fitted with a cannon motor,multi-stage gearbox and an ESU 3.5 chip

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Ex LNER G5 67322

The prototype was shedded at 31A to work the afore mentioned air operated push pull set. The model is fitted with a Zimo decoder

Ex LNER/BR J72 69013 one of a batch built by BR and one of two shunting engines shedded at Ipswich. Fitted with loksound V4 and Suethe 99 smoke unit. This model is a modified DJH pretty green lined engine

Ex LNER Class J50 68977 constructed from a box of assorted bits bought from a club stand at an exhibition. ( This has has since been rebuilt and numbered 69824)There were no instructions but it was pretty basic. Powered by a Mashima 1833 through 40:1 gearing, sound from Digitrains, chip by ESU

J50/2 68924 in its new identity. During refurb gained cab floor and backhead, partially plated rear windows, crew and slanted front handrails. The mechanical/electrical side included fitting a flywheel and smoke unit.

J50/3 68967 As photographed at Cambridge in September 1949 having been returned to traffic minus any corporate identity. The Ferret and Dartboard transfers were awaited by Stratford. Loco is lefthand drive with Group standard buffers and no train brake. Drive sound etc is the same as 8924 above.

Ex LNER N5 69266 Kit built with ESU V4 decoder with sound from Digitrains. Fitted with Suethe 99 smoke unit. Loco shedded at Bury St. Edmunds for about 12 months

Ex LNER N2. Built from a Rising Star kit with Buhler motor and flywheel.Example 69502 shedded at Parkeston and Stratford. Fitted with Zimo decoder from Digitrains plus Suethe smoke unit.