LNER 4-6-0 Page

BR built LNER B1 61379

BR Built LNER B1 61379 Right Price Kit with RG7 motor, loksound V4 decoder with home made stay alive, Base reflex and 28mm speakers in the boiler,sound by Olivias trains and fitted with a suethe smoke unit from DCC Supplies

61000 The doyen of the class. A kit is presently available from Meteor Models. It is fitted with an ESU V4 sound chip from Digitrains and a Suethe smoke unit

BONGO the loco that gave the class its nickname BONGO's. A local engine 31A and B. regularly booed by the spotters at the end of the platform, usually in good nick. Model has ESU V4 with sound from Coastal DCC. Also fitted with Suethe smoke unit

Class LNER B2 61616 a rebuilt B17, basically a B1 with larger driving wheels. A DMR kit, powered by an RG7 motor, built and painted for me by Graham Varley. I have fitted a locksound v4 decoder.

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Ex GER B12 61571

Ex Great Eastern Railway B12. Connoisseur kit with ESU 3.5 decoder, Buehler motor and two stage gear box. Suethe smoke unit. Loco is fully lined under the grime. Sound is via standard 23mm speaker in boiler and a Base reflex speaker in the tender. It is a shame that such capable machines were often allowed to get in the unkempt condition as modelled here. Loco has had a minor overhaul (Sept. 2017) and now has both speakers in the loco

Ex LNER B17 61620. This is my memorial engine. I met my late wife at Clumber Park. The loco has been beautifully constructed and painted for me by Graham Varley. It is a DMR kit fitted with Graham's own plunger pickups and a RG7 motor. It runs as sweet as a nut. I have fitted a loksound V4.0 sound chip with sound from Olivia's trains.

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Ex LNER B17 61622 Alnwick Castle. Not quite up to Graham's standard, another DMR kit fitted with a Slaters motor and gearbox unit. Sound is from Digitrains on a Locksound V4.0

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 LNER B17/4 61647

EX LNER B17/4 ACE Kit with RG7 motor loksound 3.5 decoder sound by Digitrains.

Ex LNER B16/3 from a kit by Signature and built by Graham Varley. 61476 a Thompson rebuild was known to have worked semi fasts from Kings Cross to Cambridge in 1953