This page is a record questions asked of us and our replies. Hopefully it may be of use to others.

E.mail recieved from Andrew Palmer 19.10.2013

Terry/Bernard, apologies for bothering you, but I saw your excellent layout at the recent Romford show and had a couple of questions I wanted to ask, but you were really busy at the time, I wonder if you minded me asking you now? Firstly, I am in the process of finishing off a J67 Connoisseur kit (O gauge), but after seeing your model, also was interested in fitting sound. I wondered where the speaker/speakers were located-I did ask about the sound chip at the show, i think you said it was a loksound, but I may be wrong. Secondly, I wondered what smoke generator you used, and again, how these are fixed/fitted. I'd never seen them before and was very impressed. Apologies, but I have been well and truly inspired now to have a go at finishing my layout, having bought all the parts and assembled the baseboards, so thank you very much for bringing the layout to the show. Many thanks Andrew Palmer

Reply sent 20.10.2013

Hi Andrew, The tanks on the side of the J67/J69 quite happily accommodate the standard locksound v4 or a zimo decoder. You do not need an XL decoder just because it is O gauge. Jim suggests in his kits the 1833 motor, this pulls no more current than a OO motor. On the opposite side you can easily fit a base reflex decoder the thin one not the 8ohm taller one suggested by some retailers, it won't fit. Digitrains will be able to supply your needs tell them you want 2 cylinder sound with GER whistle and Westinghouse pump sounds if you have it fitted to your loco, their product DS015. Olivias will give a similar service but you need to talk to them rather than just do it over the web. The smoke units are by Suethe, I use no 99 in general when its is operated by the aux 1 on the chip and no 12 when it operates on track current through a relay switched by Aux 1 or 2. Cheapest supplier I have found is DCC supplies They also do the base reflex speakers that I mentioned above. The smoke units are easy to fit once you have drilled out the chimney to fit. They come with a heat insulating sleeve that you glue in the chimney and the smoke unit fits inside of that. One point the blue wire on the decoder is the earth make sure this is fitted to the wire that leads to the body of the smoke unit, this prevents any accidental shorts and the loss of a 100.00 quid decoder. Finally sorry for delay but your monica sent your mail scurrying off to my Junk folder Regards Terry

Reply 06.11.13

Terry, thanks for your reply, the build is now progressing well, and the parts ordered. I am going to now go for a second loco, and wondered if you had sound in any tender locos? I am building an E4 (or T26) and wondered if you'd put speaker/decoder in the tender? Cheers Andrew P

Reply 06.11.13

Hi Andrew, I try wherever possible to put the sound in the loco, that's where it comes from in real life. I can always tell if the speaker is in the tender. The speaker and decoder are in the loco on my E4. In the two locos where I have a base reflex in the tender I also have the standard round speaker in the engine as well, this tends to mask the fact that there is a speaker in the tender. Ignore advice regarding small covering of coal over gauze to hide speaker in tender, make sure there is a large hole in tender bottom and point speaker to tracks, much better sound. Regards Terry

Reply 06.11.13

Terry, Where are they (Speaker and decoder) based in your E4? I am concerned about lack of space, wondered what speaker decoder combo you used in yours? Thank you for all your help, I am a complete novice with dcc and sound. Many thanks Andrew

Reply 07.11.13

Hi Andrew, Looking down the boiler from the motor space the circular speaker is in a housing (scratch built) facing the motor space. The decoder is behind the speaker in the boiler. The decoder I have used is no longer available but any combination of esu or zimo will do the job especially if you make allowances in the build. Regards Terry