Under renovation for 2024

A 00 layout set in East Anglia at the begining to the end of the short lived Anglia livery. Overheads allow for for class 86 haulage with DBSOs. and for the solitary Anglia class 47 in Push Pull mode

DMU classes 150,153,155,156,and 170 abound plus the odd appearance of classes 08,37,47,57and 66. All apart from the class 86s are sound fitted

All signals are set automatically as are the routes. The whole thing is old school using relays and sensors, not a computer in sight.

Combined exhibition diary


Reddingham attended three exhibitions before entering storage in unsuitable conditions. Refurbishment has included a new backscene, repairs to damage caused by veracious snails and insects, general warping and damp conditions. The photo is of Reddingham out on one of the exhibitions.