Setting the Scene

Out for a days shed bashing. John records the scene for posterity while Mike checks the map to work out a route to the next shed on the list. No Sat Navs in those days

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The Ford 100E had a side valve engine ( later used as power unit running on paraffin, for the fridge unit in Ice Cream vans) 3 speed gearbox and vacuum operated wipers.

Eric and Maggie have used the old bedstead to gain access to the roof of the condemned container. They are happily listening to one of those new fangled Transistor Radios (who remembers 208 on the dial). The Rusty rails and associated stop block with a bad case of concrete moth set the scene

Eric and Maggie arrived on Eric's new Lambretta. He must have been aspiring to be a 'Mod' and of course smoking was not anti-social then. If it was the J69 would have been locked up

Fred takes a break. A nice spot out of the wind and sight from the foremans office

2 Spotters one looking for loco's the other danger

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Older lighting systems did not produce the white light of todays systems. This shows well in the light reflections on the B17