Standard 2MT 2-6-0 78025

As below the 2MT tender engines were a direct desendent from the Ivatt LMS design.

This class of loco was not shedded in the Great Eastern area until Aug 62 when 4 members of the class appeared at Stratford. They remained for one month before being reallocated to March. After three months they moved on. 78025 one of the four is in economy unlined black with the later tender crest. It is a DJH kit fitted with an RG7 motor, Suethe smoke generator and ESU V4 decoder with sound from South West Digital.

Standard 2MT 2-6-2T 84029


The standard 2MT tanks were basically the Ivatt design from the LMS with standard fittings. All were built with Push/Pull apparatus but it was later removed from some.

Members of the class were shedded at Bedford and Bletchley and there was a pre Beeching direct link between Bletchley and Cambridge. 84029 is shown in the late economy unlined black with the large crest. A djh kit fitted with an 1833 motor and 40:1 gearbox, plunger pick ups and Suethe 99 smoke unit. Sound is via a Zimo decoder

Class V 4-6-0 73045

BR's version of the Stanier Black V fitted with the BR1 tender the same as first Britannias. When fitted with the high sided tender the LMS parentage was more evident. Both examples worked into Cambridge.

I purchased this loco as a runner from the Gauge 0 E&T section. It turned out not to be so having part of the con rods missing on one side.Resurection work included, patch painting the loco, repair to lining,replace missing front half of con rod, replacing missing brake gear and rectify problems with valve gear. Replace or secure crankpins,add missing lubricators. Strip and square up front bogie.Replace or repair plunger pick ups and remove 13amp capability wiring.Lowered motor in frame and fitted lok sound decoder with speakers in boiler Crew fitted driver has his back to you, Cab reglazed. Tender stripped and repainted and relined to match loco's HMRS lining. Electrical pickup on all wheels which with the stay alive in loco should keep everything running. The new and old paintwork then blended in on loco and tender, works and tender plate from Guilplates fitted after this photo. Sound from Coastal DCC. Large numbers due to Doncaster repaint 10" instead of 8