Tram Engines and other Y class loco's

Ex GER/LNER Y5 (Coffee Pot) Just made it into BR by a few months but never carried its BR number 68081. Kit is from Ragstone models it is fitted with a Mashima 1833 motor with sound and motion from an ESU V4 Micro. Sound is from South West Digital

Class Y6 0-4-0 Tram Engine 68082.. The loco never carried full BR livery like its sister loco. 68082 remained in its N.E. livery but had its BR number on the buffer beams. Constructed from a Connoisseur Models kit and powered by the recommended Mashima 1833 and 40:1 gears. In order to maintain good running one wheelset is sprung. Sound is via an ESU V4 with a bespoke sound from Olivias trains. Smoke is provided via a Suethe 99 smoke unit

Ex LNER Y7 the last to remain in BR service at Stratford built from a Connoisseur Models kit with some additions. Cannon motor with multistage gearbox Esu V4 decoder, sound from Coastal DCC

Ex LNER Y10 tram engine. Built for the Wisbech and Upwell tramway but had to work to hard so coal consumption very high. Transfered to Great Yarmouth Docks but never officially carried BR number. Produced from now defunct Impetus kit straying from build instructions and building according to available drawing and photographs. Agian esu V4 and mashima motor

One of two petrol engined class Y11 shunters to come into BR ownership from The LNER. One was in use at Brentwood and the other (8189) at Ware.The loco's appearance differed as the Brentwood loco was subject to fire damage and its body rebuilt. 8189 carried the BR number 68189 for a couple of months before becoming 15099 thus being a honorary diesel. 15099 spent its last days at Stratford when it was no longer equired at Ware yard. The model is powered by a small double ended mashima motor with worm drive to each axle. Sound is delivered via an ESU V4 Micro decoder and a 23mm speaker, the sound used , a petrol VW engine.Sound supplied by Coastal DCC



LNER employed two types of Sentinel shunters well into the BR period the Y1 and Y3 classes. The Y1 Dept 39 is a Dapol model however as produced needed some work to improve the accuracy of the model when carrying the livery portrayed, the injectors have to be reduced from 2 to one, The sand box filler caps were in the incorrect place, The lower footstep need to be covered at the rear and more prominent are the extra side raves added to the coal space. The loco also sported a spark arrester on the chimney. These differences can be seen on the Y3 Dept 21 again a comercially produced model by Skytrex. Both are sound fitted