Classes 24/25/26 and 27 Page

BR type 2 class 24

Bachmann Brass Class 24 painted,cab detail and crew added. Lights with folding disc indicators and other details added. Loksound 3.5 decoder running two motors, sound from South West Digital

BR type 2 class 25

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25057 just a little shy hiding in the shed. RJH kit with South West Digital sound on a Loksound 3.5XL decoder

BR Type 2 Class 25

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Same loco 25057 over the inspection pit

Class 25/3 D7629 Bachman brass, painted, crew and cab detail, plus tail and cab lights. Zimo decoder sound by digitrains

BR Class 26/1

Heljan class 26/1, crew and details added. Fitted Loksound 3.5 XL. Sound is South West Digital class 25 as originally the 26's shared the same type of power unit with the 25's

Class 27 D5396 an E bay basket case rescued and put into some semblence of order. Fitted with an ESU V4 decoder with sounds from Howes of Oxford

Derby built Class 25/1 D5214 a lightly weathered Heljan model with ESU v4XL providing power and sound. Sound files from Coastal DCC purchased as the special edition and SYWP added as the prototype carried i.e rounded ends with yellow extending over white band