I will be attending the following Exhibitions in 2018/2019


May 19th Warren Hill Ely MRC (at least I will be away from that bloody wedding)

August 11th Warren Hill Silver Fox MRC Milton Keynes

September 1st/2nd Hobbs Warren Darlington Museum MRC

September 22nd Hobbs Warren Bury St. Edmunds Ex GER loco's

October 6th/7th Hobbs Warren Farham MRC


February16th/17th Warren Hill Milton Keynes 50th

March 2nd Warren Hill 0 gauge guild Kettering

April 6th Fleebight Wharf Cambridge MRC

April 17th Hobbs Warren Luton MRC 0 gauge show

June 22nd Warren Hill Kings Lynn MRC

August 17th Hobbs Warrren Northampton MRC