English Electric Class 55 Deltic

A Heljan model with a few bits of detailing as D9013 THE BLACK WATCH when she came south to Finsbury Park to cover for loco's in works for dual brakes and heat. Fitted wth V4 XL with 40mm and a base reflex speaker

Hymek Class 35 D7005

A Heljan product that was an ebay basket case. It had only one driven wheel on the pair of bogies, the motor had been removed at one end due to the support bracket being broken. Fan and lights had been disconnected with an abortion carried out on the Heljan internal control panel. This is the sort of wierd things that people did because they equated DC with DCC and thought they had to retain this panel in order to operate the lights. So Heljan panel removed, Locksound XL wired correctly and duff speaker replaced, LED's replaced, Gears for drive train, wheel set and other bits and pieces obtained from Howes of Oxford. Buffer beam pipes were replaced as was the air tank at one end Finally the so called weathering was as far as possible removed and replaced with a much more subtle approach to the subject.