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Ivatt 2MT 46444

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BR Built Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0. Finescale brass supplied in black finish. Suitably numbered and lined as 46444 a regular visitor to the Eastern off the LMR working to Cambridge. Loksound V4 decoder, sound by South West Digital. Suethe 99 smoke unit fitted

43154 was an LMS Designed loco built at Doncaster in 1951. The Ivatt 4 became the pattern for the later standard class 4, both the 4 and the Ivatt 2 were modern designs and needed little alteration to produce the standard loco's that followed. 43154 worked on the M&GN so had the tablet catching device fixed to the tender. The model was produced from a long defunct kit manufacturer it is fitted with a RG7 motor, Suethe 99 smoke unit and ESU V4 chip with South West Digital Sound

47311 one of Stratford's ex LMS 3F 0-6-0Ts. The prototype started life on the S&DJR so a well travelled loco. Built from an Eric Underhill resin kit with various extras. Fitted ESU v4 with South West Digital sound and Suethe smoke unit.

(4)1205 another resin kit, an Ivatt 2-6-2T again with commercially available detailing parts. One of its sisters was loaned on trial to Ipswich shed and worked the Aldborough branch. Fitted with an ESU v4 with South West digital sound and Suethe smoke unit

44777 One of the ex LMS work horses. The loco supplied by Finescale brass and has an ESU XL decoder in the tender. Probably overkill and may be removed in the future. Sound files from an unknown source. Has been renumbered and temperamental smoke unit replaced